Would Piracy Decline If More Movies Were Online Legally?

Meanwhile, the new films Netflix does gain the rights to often don’t hit the service until a few weeks after their DVD release , as part of the deals Netflix worked out with studios. A number of these films, meanwhile, are simply between their theatrical and DVD release. White House Down, for example, is scheduled to be released on Amazon Instant Video on Nov. 5 for $4.99 rental or $14.99 purchase. Elysium and The Mortal Instruments City of Bones arrive on DVD in December, while 2 Guns will be released in November. PiracyData.org is the brainchild of Jerry Brito and Eli Dourado from the Mercatus Center , a conservative think tank within George Mason University, as well as developer Matt Sherman. In a FAQ , they said they wanted to determine if consumers “turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally.” They were inspired by an MPAA report that said search engines were not taking sufficient voluntary measures to combat piracy. When the site debuted yesterday, however, some of the information was incorrect. Pacific Rim, for example, was not listed as being available for digital purchase. “On October 15, we experienced some launch day glitches, so regretfully, some of the data that we presented on our site was innaccurate [sic],” PiracyData.org said on its site. “When this was brought to our attention, we immediately corrected the data on our site. The errors turned out to be problems with one of our upstream data sources.” But in addition to the glitches with the data, some organizations took issue with the site’s message. In a blog post , Michelle Wein, a research analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), argued that “the site’s authors suggest that the content industry is doing a poor job of making content available and piracy would go away if the content industry would just release more movies sooner, cheaper or in a different format.” “Both arguments are wrong,” Wein wrote “Content is now available in multiple formats, often for free, and despite this piracy continues to grow. For example, the season premiere of The Walking Dead was pirated over 500,000 times within 16 hours of its airing despite the fact that it is available for free through AMC’s website.” Brito and Dourado denied that they believe piracy is justified. “Piracy is illegal and wrong,” they wrote.

Cal Arts students add a contemporary sound to silent movies

Over the years, the music has run the gamut from an original string quartet for Carl Theodore Dryer’s 1928 “The Passion of Joan of Arc” to an improvised accompaniment for D.W. Griffith’s 1919 “Broken Blossoms,” which combined American folk with experimental/electronic music, to a free jazz score for 1929’s “Man With a Movie Camera.” PHOTOS: The Roaring ’20s on-screen As a student at San Francisco State, Mairs found the more traditional scores for the silent films screened in class “off-putting. I started to actually really engage with silent films when I saw screenings out of school. The Castro would occasionally show silent films with an organist or occasionally live bands. It was a radically different experience.” Because “Cal Arts has a history of experimentation,” said Mairs, he decided to include live, nontraditional performances at the screenings. Since he knew a lot of musicians at Cal Arts, Mairs initially asked them to score and perform. “Very quickly people got interested,” said Mairs, who has been teaching at the School of Film/Video since 1997 and has been co-head of the Film Directing Program since 2005. Once Mairs plans his films for the fall, he sends the list to the musicians, faculty and graduates and asks them which ones they are interested in composing. “I find they tend to do their best work when they are excited about a project,” Mairs said. PHOTOS: Movie Sneaks 2013 Rarely does one of his students in the class tackle a score. “The class is quite rigorous,” Mairs said. “It is a major commitment for the people who are doing the compositions.” Last year, though, Herb Albert student Kevin Robinson juggled the classwork in Mairs’ filmhistory class as well as composing the string quartet for “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” Robinson liked the experience so much that he and three other musicians recently provided accompaniment for Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 “Battleship Potemkin.” But he decided not to compose a string quartet for “Potemkin” because the Eisenstein’s classic “is so metric and moving and things happen quickly, soI wrote little sketches for everyone,” said Robinson, a week before the performance.

Sky Movies comes to BT TV, hell braces itself for cold snap

It’ll all be done via existing Vision+ and YouView hardware, so there’s no need to buy any more gear, although HD-enthusiasts might just have to bite the bullet and sign up with Rupert directly. Show full PR text BT and Sky reach agreement to add Sky Movies to BT TV BT and Sky have signed a multi-year contract which will see Sky Movies made available through BT TV. BT will offer Sky Movies for a monthly subscription that customers can add to their existing BT TV package from October 26. The agreement means that BT will be able to offer its TV customers the option to bolt-on Sky Movies whether they are customers with the YouView box or the latest Vision + box. For Sky, the deal supports Sky’s growing wholesale content business. BT TV customers will be able to enjoy the latest movies across 11 Sky Movies channels, in standard definition, both as streamed live channels and on-demand for those with BT Infinity fibre broadband. For customers with regular BT broadband Sky Movies is only available on-demand. Sky Movies is the UK’s most popular subscription movies service giving access to over 700 different movies on demand including brand new exclusive premieres every week from major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal. Sky Movies subscribers can choose from more of the latest and biggest movies first, at least 12 months before any online subscription service. Premieres in October include Argo, Django Unchained, Les Miserables and Gangster-Squad. Zero Dark Thirty and Life Of Pi will premiere in November.